24 May 2019

Additive technologies in D200 turbojet engine manufacturing

Additive technology (AT) is a dynamic and promising direction of production. What are pros and cons, and what are the approaches to the design of parts. How can we get an economic effect? The ideas, based on existing experience, are outlined in this article. The foregoing is the opinion of the author, which may differ from the opinions of other people.

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12 Nov 2018

We invite UAV designers to cooperate

Currently we are conducting an assemly of the first set of D200 engines and drafting the design documentation. We invite aircraft modellers and UAV developers to cooperate. From our side we are happy to provide the installation of the engine to your machine and help with integration into aircraft.

Key parameters of the engine:

  • Max. thrust 20 kgf;
  • Weight including external components 2.8 kg;
  • Fuel consumption 750ml/min;
  • Contol on CAN bus;
  • Voltage 12 V.

The detailed information of the turbojet engine will be described in User Manual which will be issued in January 2019. For more information please send us an email on info@skyturbines.ru.

29 Aug 2018

Our Development Blog

We are happy to announce that starting autumn 2018 our team will be running a blog in Telegram. This blog will be interesting to turbojet engines/unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designers and additive technologies specialists.


29 Aug 2018

ARMY 2018 Forum

SkyTurbines LLC successfully participated in the international forum "ARMY 2018" where D200 engine prototype was demonstrated. We are grateful to fund "Skolkovo" and project "Innovation Club" for this unique opportunity and support

25 Mar 2018

D200 Engine Testing

Our company has successfully conducted the testing of the micro turbojet engine D200. During the testing we:

  • verified gas-dynamic model of the engine;
  • tested basic units and aggregates;
  • conducted preliminary research of additively-grown elements of the engine;
  • confirmed the engine parameters.

The eingine is the initial product of our company. The engine will go on sale in 2018 after final destruction tests.

07 Sep 2017

Additive technologies in micro turbojet engines

Additive technologies is a rapidly developing area of production. One of key advantages is the possibility of creating details of almost any geometric shape. A perspective example of their use, where the shape means a lot, could be micro turbojet engines. Geometry requirements for the air-gas channel of an engine as well as the presence of parts in the design with a sharp transition of the functional properties of elements impose constructive limitations on both individual details and the structure as a whole. The use of additive technologies allows you to avoid a number of limitations and opens up a wide range of opportunities for a developer to optimize existing designs and create new layouts.

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29 Jul 2017

MAKS 2017

On International Aviation and Space Show (MAKS) 2017 our company presented the prototype of a micro turbojet D200 engine. The engine is designed according to the classical scheme for this type of engines: a single-stage centrifugal compressor with a channel diffuser, an annular combustion chamber with an evaporative fuel supply system, a single-stage axial turbine. Control is provided by digital control system with all necessary tools located beneath the body.

This engine is able to reach the thrust of up to 21kgf. The engine is intended to be utilized of local market UAV manufacturers