Development of micro turbojet engines

Development of micro turbojet engines is the key priority of our company. We will be happy to develop an engine (or adapt yours) for UAVs according to our demands. Our strengths:

  • Advanced technical solutions;
  • Competent price;
  • Help in integration of the engine to your UAV




Development and adaptation of products for additive technologies

When developing our engines, we actively use additive technologies to achieve competitive advantages and are ready to share our experience.

We apply the following innovative aproaches and methods:

  • reduction of material consumption of workpieces by increasing the functionality of placing the material in the workpiece;
  • reduction of the range and laboriousness of technological operations for processing billets by reducing the number of non-functional joints in the structure;
  • reduction of the range of materials used due to the management of "structural density" and "specific structural strength";
  • use of cheaper materials due to better organization of heat exchange processes;
  • development of structural elements whose production is not available by other technological methods.

The set of approaches allows to create a reserve of design quality that can be managed to use either to reduce the cost of construction, or to increase its effectiveness.

Reliability analysis

We offer reliability assessment services:

  • Analysis of reliability indicators;
  • Safety assessment in accordance with P4761;  
  • Development of PONr/BNKTr and TO&R (ПОНр/БНКТр and ТОиР);
  • Development of programs and test methods for confirming the reliability requirements.